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Lethal Injection Lethal Injection

Rated 3 / 5 stars

You are mislead

I believe this was on the death penalty? I think you were trying to say that it is not worth killing people with it; or that lethal injection is inhumane.

However I disagree, you focus on the murderer and not the innocents; the death they experience is almost always more grisly then that of the person being sentenced to death for it.

I hope you understand.

notorious responds:

YOU are mislead, though i understand why.

The character being injected is a 'test subject'. This was hinted at in the flashback scene, though i left alot of blanks open. The subject could be either instituitionalized, or a prisoner, or just some other soul society has cast away. But he is certainly not a murderer. Just an unwanted victim.

I understand your confusion though. Thanks for reading into it.

New Dubya-Doo Movies 3 New Dubya-Doo Movies 3

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

funny, because I don't think you are serious

I disagree with your political out look, but that was damn funny. Of course you must not honestly think the government is run like that so it's funny to laugh at such hyperbole.

I think the real scary thing is that some people think the government is actually like that.

Honestly the democrats are alot worse, and when they pull out of Iraq it is going to be a blood bath 100 times worse then it is now. The only difference is that no american soldiers will be dying.

Damaged -Episode IV- Damaged -Episode IV-

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

This flash is on the frontpage for one reason

Graphics. There is no story line in this what so ever, it does not even follow a sequence that could be carried into a story. There are plot holes like "why the hell does a machine cry?" Some of the faces are miss shapen from the style you were trying to show as well. I would suspect that you are not Japanese at all, and put in the Japanese subtitles to complete a generic anime copy. Please, unless you really are Japanese, do not insult our intelligence by putting on this stamp of approval. I know that you may feel that a story with no dialog at all can still be a good story, but not it is not the case. As you will see, there are only certain times where this is the case. Further more, the animated city was horribly done, looking like a collection of boxes rather then a city. I recommend that you add small details (yes I know it slows things down) in order to fix that. There are also problems with arm proportion, and as someone else already mentioned tears come from the side closest to the nose. I feel that this flash was to fast pace, and there really wasn't a pause long enough to make it meaning full. You also added nudity that really had no relation to anything. Really what you have is a great work of art, but nothing much more. To me it could be compared to an animated painting. Fix these problems, maybe spend more time on each part and you will get the results you want. And yes I am also an animator, and I understand how god dam difficult it is to make a flash. That is no excuse for being lazy. Do you want a pretty flash or a meaningful one? You choose.

Manga-Otaku responds:

#1: I AM Japanese.

#2: Thanks for your input.

#3: I almost got angry when first reading this, but then I realized it was an ACTUAL CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

I'll work on it.

I'm thinking of actually getting myself an editor.

He's more of a writer, so it'll balance things out.

And wait, this made it on the front page...?!

When was this?

Death's Curtain Ep.01 Death's Curtain Ep.01

Rated 5 / 5 stars

great work

You have improved immensly from when you did your dead rain series. The skills I am specifically refering to are your frame by frame and ect. I must admit that I actually broke out laughing when he cut his ex-wifes head of; no doubt not the usual reaction to it. It seems to me that she would be struggeling more or gasping for air while her throat was cut. Also you could work on your weapons a bit more, your characters look akward when holding the guns, as well as the guns are simply not the most accurate. Remember that when a gun like a glock is fired, the top half pushed back. You need some references for the guns, because they seem much more like boxes. That did not ruin the experience for me however, I found this quite creative and well put together. The song at the end was a great way to make light of a dark situation and such a contrast was a really way to end the movie. The song at the end was also funny, so good on you for picking it. What else can I say? Take note on these improvements and it will definatly take this flash from talented amature to pro in one easy step!

A Christmas Special, or A Christmas Special, or

Rated 5 / 5 stars

simply brilliant

enough said

DS Ibby's Hair Restorer DS Ibby's Hair Restorer

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I think it would be alot better if you woked on your drawing skills. Now I know it's in flash, but there are simple solutions to incoporate quality drawings. Firstly, you must first make a sketch. Secondly you must scan in this sketch, and couler the sketch. Thirdly you must import it to flash. This is the hardest part, so read carfully. Make sure your image is saved in either a bitmap or J-peg format. Import things like you normally would, then click on it; goto the modifier menu and click trace bitmap. Set the settings, you may have to play around with it somewhat. And erase the uncoulered part of your drawings. This is the best way to aquire quality graphics on your flash. You may want to practice drawing more, but you definatly have potential. I'm assuming you drew this on flash, so i'm interested on what you could do out of flash. Theres many books out there on drawing, so get to it. Your concept was a great idea, but the lack of voices made it impersonal and bleak. The over use of sound effects lowered the quality of your flash, if used a little less it would make all the difference. Great idea, great concept just rework it and you'll have a front pager for sure;)

IceDragon64 responds:

Thank you very much for your detailed and helpful review. If I ever need to use art that detailed I will learn the tracing method you described. The biggest lesson I have learnt in IHR is start with high quality- it is so much harder to add it afterwards. ed77's original 2 second hair-restored image is a case in point- I should have taken the idea and work with it from scratch (in a higher frame rate!) When I was blammed I was impatient to put in ideas and get through. All my drawings in IHR were freehand from the top of my head except the basin, which was pencil sketched first.
In future all full-scale drawings will have 3d perpective. re the sounds- I didn't have a mic! If you care to view (review?) DS Dragon Quiz you can hear that we have borrowed one.
IHR will be rework one last time (it has been through judgement 5 times already)There will be real photos, slightly improved graphics, new scenes a better ending and a tiny amount of real voice. If you get any further thoughts pleasePM me I really do use them.

soccer fbf soccer fbf

Rated 5 / 5 stars


great job!

flashmasterturner responds:

thx, your the best

quick fight reloaded quick fight reloaded

Rated 2 / 5 stars


Learn to draw, try using a scanner and don't use corny graphics, like pictures of google images. the concept was okay, but there was no explaination on hoe things escelated into random massaceres and fights. Learn to incorporate at least semi decent storylines and grsphics and you'll have a killer flash.

Alec05 responds:

yeah, I actually draw way beter than that. lol But with flash I learned an important lesson: Drawing with the mouse is NOT EASY!!! I´ll try hand drawing and then scan next time. but maybe I need a storyboard next time. Thanks for the comments :)

THE PLAGUE trailer THE PLAGUE trailer

Rated 3 / 5 stars


My advice, if you make a series get better graphics, make your zombies more sinister looking and not so cartoonish. also heads don't float like that, if you used layer properly in flash you could actually make it look good. And get origonal.

Naruto: Fight against.... Naruto: Fight against....

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


can't you do something origonal rather than copy someone else's idea, and work so hard to recreate it with your shitty drawings. My advice is to think something origonal up, learn to draw and animate properly and to get some origonal music.