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You are mislead

I believe this was on the death penalty? I think you were trying to say that it is not worth killing people with it; or that lethal injection is inhumane.

However I disagree, you focus on the murderer and not the innocents; the death they experience is almost always more grisly then that of the person being sentenced to death for it.

I hope you understand.

notorious responds:

YOU are mislead, though i understand why.

The character being injected is a 'test subject'. This was hinted at in the flashback scene, though i left alot of blanks open. The subject could be either instituitionalized, or a prisoner, or just some other soul society has cast away. But he is certainly not a murderer. Just an unwanted victim.

I understand your confusion though. Thanks for reading into it.

funny, because I don't think you are serious

I disagree with your political out look, but that was damn funny. Of course you must not honestly think the government is run like that so it's funny to laugh at such hyperbole.

I think the real scary thing is that some people think the government is actually like that.

Honestly the democrats are alot worse, and when they pull out of Iraq it is going to be a blood bath 100 times worse then it is now. The only difference is that no american soldiers will be dying.

This flash is on the frontpage for one reason

Graphics. There is no story line in this what so ever, it does not even follow a sequence that could be carried into a story. There are plot holes like "why the hell does a machine cry?" Some of the faces are miss shapen from the style you were trying to show as well. I would suspect that you are not Japanese at all, and put in the Japanese subtitles to complete a generic anime copy. Please, unless you really are Japanese, do not insult our intelligence by putting on this stamp of approval. I know that you may feel that a story with no dialog at all can still be a good story, but not it is not the case. As you will see, there are only certain times where this is the case. Further more, the animated city was horribly done, looking like a collection of boxes rather then a city. I recommend that you add small details (yes I know it slows things down) in order to fix that. There are also problems with arm proportion, and as someone else already mentioned tears come from the side closest to the nose. I feel that this flash was to fast pace, and there really wasn't a pause long enough to make it meaning full. You also added nudity that really had no relation to anything. Really what you have is a great work of art, but nothing much more. To me it could be compared to an animated painting. Fix these problems, maybe spend more time on each part and you will get the results you want. And yes I am also an animator, and I understand how god dam difficult it is to make a flash. That is no excuse for being lazy. Do you want a pretty flash or a meaningful one? You choose.

Manga-Otaku responds:

#1: I AM Japanese.

#2: Thanks for your input.

#3: I almost got angry when first reading this, but then I realized it was an ACTUAL CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

I'll work on it.

I'm thinking of actually getting myself an editor.

He's more of a writer, so it'll balance things out.

And wait, this made it on the front page...?!

When was this?

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However fun and interesting, I helped this pass; good work.

Great Game

Very good game, however there a few things you could brush up on. The drawings could use some work, and I noticed how you guys used quite alot of motion tweens for the character animations. That is fine, just the drawings on the guards themselves could have used more work. The drawing of the main character was pretty damn good though. Overall the drawing does not take away from the experience so this does deserve a 10. You guys are very talented and I really enjoyed playing this game. Keep up the good work!

freeworldgroup responds:

yeah we ran out of time for some of the artwork... but hey : - )

Where did you learn to code like that?

I have tried my hand at coding, and I can't even do a simple first person shooter. I am a decent artist though, so I could offer some assistance. Check my flash out to see if i'm what you would call up to par. It should be in my profile options. My forte is specifically with 3d art, but I do draw quite a bit. I still can't beleive the level of coding that this would have taken. I must admit that the disorgonization did bother me, but you deserve nothing less then a 10! I'm sure you could improve this monster into a giant! You have the makings of a true coder. I myself have a fairly basic knowlage of visual basicC++, but nothing this advanced and in flash no less! I really would like to create a multiuser application, do you have any refernces or any places I could get some coding examples?

Kipperoo responds:

Doing multiuser stuff from scratch is tough -- I don't know of any tutorials that would help, either, plus you need your own server.

However, you can make your own multiuser plugins to put within this environment much easier. The docs for doing it are here: http://www.biality.com/docs/p lugins.html

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